Rail Bonds, Signal Bonds, Cable Clips & Railway Bonding for Light & Heavy Rail

Rail Bonds, Signal Bonds, Cable Clips & Railway Bonding for Light & Heavy Rail

The FM Sudafix Group has a long association with both light and heavy rail projects. With an original presence through the provision of technical earthing/grounding support and the provision of exothermic welding kits, FM Sudafix have since expanded the rail product range to include rail to rail bonding solutions. These products enable rail contractors to create permanent electrically continuous bonds between the running rails, ensuring that they remain at equal potentials.

Rail projects present unique risk profiles in terms of electrical safety. Be they heavy rail projects or light rail projects, they will inevitably provide the interface between electrical power systems and the public. It is critical that electrical safety systems perform.

Determining the risk profile of a rail project should consider the following issues:

  1. Earthing/grounding and bonding: rail systems directly interface with people and for this reason a comprehensive earthing/grounding and bonding system must be in place to protect them.
  2. Creating equipotential zones (or zones of equal electrical potential) ensures that electricity does not seek an alternative route of lower resistance; without equipotential zones electricity may find alternative paths to earth, which may be via human beings or conductive elements with which people may come into direct contact.
  3. Stray current: if DC electricity is able to leak into the surrounding mass of earth then it will locate conductive elements and discharge through them. In a single instance this is not likely to result in discernable damage, however if the leak is sustained it may very well cause significant damage to conductive underground elements. Stray currents have the potential to migrate significant distances and have been known to cause substantial damage to elements such as reinforcing, steel bridges, underground metallic pipes.
  4. Lightning: lightning is an often overlooked threat facing rail projects. As we know, lightning seeks the path of least resistance to enable it to discharge into the strata of the earth. A lightning strike emits a powerful electromagnetic pulse that radiates and has the ability to cause damage. Lightning strikes, both direct and indirect, can result in structural damage, fire, failure/destruction of equipment, and loss of life.
  5. Surge: electrical surges have the potential to damage, degrade and destroy electrical elements, and if these are transient overvoltages are not intercepted whole systems can fail. Be they a result of lightning activity or down stream fault current, electrical surges have been known to cause equipment damage, fires and loss of life.

Dubai MetroThe rail division of the FM Sudafix Group supports numerous rail projects around the globe. Primarily involved in the electrical safety and protective systems on rail projects, FM Sudafix possesses the expertise and renowned service and product portfolio to effectively manage the risk profile of any project. The technical, operations and product departments unite to ensure that the rail projects with which the FM Sudafix Group is involved are protected by the most effective, and installation-practical, electrical safety systems. All aspects relating to electricity on rail projects have to be managed. Any electrical element in a rail system which is not managed has the potential to introduce significant deficiencies, or could manifest into life threatening hazards. A rail project with efficient electrical elements will save money, reduce down time, and most importantly save lives. There is nothing to gain in taking a chance, and everything to gain, from prestige, piece of mind and budget savings, by working with the FM Sudafix Group.

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